Overview of the Meetup

Goals of the Meetup

The idea behind this Meetup is to bring together people who share a common interest and passion for packrafting and who are keen to learn from each other. One of the primary objectives of the event is to increase whitewater safety awareness, paddling skills and technical knowledge in order to reduce the risk to users and to promote a culture of safety within the Australian packraft community. In order to achieve these goals several Australian Canoeing whitewater instructors will assist in running scheduled training activities. Although the event is biased towards whitewater skills those who prefer flatwater are equally welcome.

Who is the Meetup for?

The Meetup is for anyone who has a genuine interest in undertaking packrafting trips and in learning more about this activity – particularly those who have an interest in paddling whitewater or at least moving water. Participants do not necessarily need to own their own boat (hire options are listed below) or already paddle whitewater however the focus of the Meetup is certainly around whitewater activities. It is expected that all attendees will have packrafted previously. Families are very welcome however not all rivers or activities will be suitable for children.

You are Responsible for your Own Safety

This event has been organised as a chance for like-minded people to get together.  Although a couple of set activities will be run by qualified instructors the vast majority will not be. As such you are completely responsible for your own safety on and off the water. Having said that, there will be plenty of local and experienced packrafters who can share tips and ideas and support. Parents/Guardians are certainly expected to supervise their children 100% of the time both on and off the water and need to be aware that many rivers/activities will be unsuitable for them. Whilst on whitewater all packrafters must wear a suitable non-inflatable PFD as well as a whitewater paddling helmet (not bike or climbing helmets) at all times. Paddlers are also always expected to paddle in small self-contained teams with others.

More Information

For more details, please read the Schedule Post, the Venue Post, and the Additional Information page.

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